Licensed Exporter  


1. How can I register as a customer with Cardville Limited?
You can register as a customer with Cardville Limited by completing the User Registraton Form.
2. How do I access my account?
You can access your customer account using your username or email address and password at the Login page.
3. If I forget my password, how do i retrieve it?
We do not store user passwords in text format, so we do not know your password. You can request for a new password by using the Request New Password page. 
4. How do I order for a product?
Contact us via email or phone to place an order for any of our products.
5. How do I get my order tracking number?
Your order-tracking number is the same as your container number. Where a container number is yet to be assigned to your order, your order will be labelled with a system generated order-tracking number.
6. How do I track my orders
Once you login, all your order will be displayed within the order tracking page. You can click on any order to see the history of the order.