Licensed Exporter  
Dried Split Ginger
Best Quality Hardwood Charcoal
Dry Whole Hibiscus Sabdariffa
Dried Tiger Nuts
Clean Roasted Cashew
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Export Experts.
We are actively involved in the exportation of Nigerian Non Oil products. Some of our exportable agricultural commodities are Shea Butter, Charcoal, Chili Pepper, Hibiscus Flower, Ginger, Garlic, Tiger nut and many more. We have significantly contributed in broadening the export landscape of Nigeria.

We are committed to marketing Nigeria exportable goods to the international market and we hope to build a rewarding relationship around the world.

For customers who like to be treated fairly and receive great value, we work tirelessly to provide not just any solution but the right solution.
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Best Quality.
We guarantee the finest quality of our products to you.

Our raw materials are picked and processed carefully.
Best Quality
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Exceptional Packaging.
We export our products in the best quality of packaging materials.

We make extra effort to ensure that our goods match the weight quoted to you.
Exceptional Packaging
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